The strength of HOCHKANT's stilt walkers is their ability to put themselves in the shoes of each figure. The artists on stilts become this being. They seek contact with the audience and take them into their world. A unique selling point of HOCHKANT are the creatures programmed with various light animations, of which the chameleons, the Lumières and the dragon can be programmed to music for shows.

They make people wonder, dream or even laugh!

Catalog of stilt figures
download as PDF

You can download a catalog with all stilt figures here:

Animals catalog page
download as PDF

And here is a PDF with a selection of images of our animal figures:

Stilt walker

Imaginative stilt walkers

Stilt walker in the dark

You can request us for any event, from any type of festival to your company party, summer party, Christmas party, Christmas market, children's party... Our walk act is high and can be seen everywhere. We work around Hanover, Braunschweig, Bremen, Hamburg, Göttingen, Wolfsburg, Kassel… everywhere in Lower Saxony and everywhere else in Germany. And preferably abroad too.

Our costumes are completely our own creations that involve a lot of creativity, love, ambition and a lot of time. The LED animations in the latest productions are unique. The last productions can also be pre-programmed, including according to music.

With the Chameleons and the Lumières&Light Beings we also have a production lasting several minutes in our program. Here we tell a story, supported by choreographed light animations.