Note for organizers: Don't let a busy appointment put you off contacting us. HOCHKANT has many stilt walkers and can perform with several teams at the same time.

We are not only around Hildesheim, Hanover, Braunschweig, (Wolfsburg, Celle, Göttingen,...) in the heart of Lower Saxony. We can be booked throughout Germany. And also abroad.

05.01.Stilts in Andorra
05.01.Stilts in Madrid
08.02.Stilts in Amsterdam
30.03.-01.04.Stilts Storkow, medieval market
26.04.Stilts in Hanover Stocken
26.04.Stilts in Bremen (private)
30.04.Stilts in Bad Lauterberg
30.04.Stilts in Thale
09.-12.05.Stilts in Altlandsberg, medieval market
18.-20.05.Stilts in Oranienburg, medieval market
25.05.Stilts in Seesen
31.05.Stilts in Hildesheim
01.06.Stilts in Verden
01.06.Fire in Duisburg
21.06.Stilts in Wolfenbüttel
28.06.Stilts in Jena (University)
29.06.Stilts in Heiden
17.07.Fire in Neuharlingersiel
03.08.Stilts in Hildesheim Himmelsthür
17.08.Stilts and fire in Hildesheim
17.08.Stilts in Duisburg
23.08.Stilts in Wunstorf
24.08.Stilts and fire in Wunstorf
24.08.Stilts in Schneverdingen
31.08.+01.09.Stilts in Bad Fallingbostel
07.+08.09.Stilts in Diedersdorf, medieval market
26.02.Stilts in Celle
06.03.Stilts in Hanover
11.03.Stilts in Magdeburg (Zoo)
18.03.Stilts in Northeim
26.03.Stilts in Werther
31.03.Stilts in Magdeburg
08.-10.04.Stilts in Storkow, medieval market
29.04.Stilts in Wetzlar (Leica)
29.04.Stilts in Thale
30.04.Stilts in Bad Lauterberg
30.04.Stilts in Thale
18.-21.05.Stilts in Altlandsberg, medieval market
20.05.Stilts in Braunschweig (KuFa)
20.05.Stilts in Hanover, fireworks competition
20.+21.05.Stilts in lakes
27.-29.05.Stilts in Oranienburg, medieval market
09.06.Stilts in Sorsum/Hildesheim
09.+10.06.Stilts at Hanover Zoo
16.06.Stilts in Hildesheim, Christopherusstift
16.+17.06.Stilts at Hanover Zoo
17.06.Stilts in Jeinsen
17.+18.06.Stilts in Ahlen
Stilts at Hanover Zoo
24.06.Stilts in Marienburg Monastery
24.06.Stilts in Wörrstadt (juwi summer festival)
25.06.Stilts in Braunschweig, private
29.06.Stilts in Hanover, shooting festival
01.07.Stilts in Hanover, shooting festival
21.+22.07.Stilts in Rasti Land
27.07.Stilts in Braunschweig, Tesla
05.08.Stilts in Minden
06.08.Stilts in Bielefeld, Wackelpeter
06.08.Stilts in Blankenburg, monastery festival
11.08.Stilts in Hanover, Eilenriedestift
12.08.Stilts in Ilsede, Starnightswimming
16.08.Stilts in Hildesheim
26.08.Stilts in Wolfsburg, indoor swimming pool
26.08.Stilts in Bad Salzschlirf
26.+27.08.Stilts in Bad Nenndorf
01.+02.09.Stilts in Gießen, Hocus Pocus FestiWelt
02.09.Stilts in Hanover, fireworks competition
04.09.Stilts in Kassel, Dec
08.09.Stilts in Hildesheim, Hennies
08.09.Stilts in Wunstorf
09.+10.09.Stilts in Berlin (Diedersdorf), medieval market
27.+28.09.Stilts in Groß Lafferde
30.09.-03.10.Stilts in Berlin (Spandau), medieval market
04.10.Stilts in Cuxhaven
05.10.Stilts in Brehna
06.10.Stilts in Goslar
07.10.Stilts in Heilbronn
14.10.Stilts in Magdeburg, Lumagica
21.10.Stilts in Niesen
27.10.Stilts in Hildesheim, HI Light
27.10.Stilts in Bergkamen, lights market
28.10.Stilts in Rodewald
03.11.Stilts in Stadthagen
03.+04.11.Stilts in Kevelaer
04.11.23Stilts in Nordhorn
16.11.Stilts in Duisburg
25.11.Stilts in Bremen
27.11.Stilts in Celle, Christmas market
01.12.Stilts in Salzgitter
07.12.Stilts in Salzgitter
08.12.Stilts in Berlin
08.12.Stilts in Hanover
10.12.Stilts in Oelber Castle
13.12.Stilts in Celle
16.+17.12.Stilts in Thale
17.12.Stilts in Hanover
18.12.Stilts in Oldenburg
18.12.Fire in Bad Salzdetfurth
21.12.Stilts in Salzgitter
16.-18.04.Stilts in Berlin, medieval market
24.04.Stilts in Alfeld
30.04.Stilts in Bad Lauterberg, Walpurgis
30.04.Stilts in Bad Bodenteich, medieval market
01.05.Stilts in Westerstede
14.05.Stilts in Northeim
14.05.Fire show in Hildesheim
15.05.Stilts in Goslar
19.05.Fire show in Hanover
04.-06.06.Stilts in Berlin, medieval market
10.06.Stilts in Hildesheim Sorsum
11.06.Stilts at Lower Saxony Day, Hanover
17.06.Stilts in Hanover
17.+18.06.Stilts in Goslar
18.06.Stilts in Hildesheim, University Midsummer Night
18.06.Fire show near Hanover
19.06.Stilts in the ZDF television garden
02.07.Stilts in Salzgitter
02.07.Stilts in Hanover
04.07.Stilts in Hanover
07.07.Stilts and fire in Wörrstadt (juwi)
08. + 09.07.Stilts at the Bremen Carnival
22.07.Stilts in Dornum, medieval market
24.07.Stilts in Wildeshausen
24.07.Stilts in Thale
30.07.Stilts in Bad Sachsa, spa park
30.07.Stilts at the Sommerhopp in Wrisbergholzen
30.07.Fire show near Hamburg (private)
06.08.Stilts in Münster (private)
06.08.Stilts in the Zoo Halle
07.08.Stilts at Wackelpeter Bielefeld
12.+13.08.Stilts on the Hansesail Rostock
19.08.Fire show at 1001 Nights in Wrisbergholzen
20.08.Stilts at 1001 Nights in Wrisbergholzen
20.08.Stilts in Burgdorf, horse market
20.08.Stilts in Ilsede, outdoor swimming pool
20.08.Stilts in Bielefeld
26.08.Stilts in Hennigsdorf
28.08.Stilts in Hanover
02.09.Stilts in Solingen-Gräfrath
02.-04.09.Stilts in Gießen
03.09.Stilts in Hanover, fireworks competition
03.09.Stilts in Bad Nenndorf
04.09.Stilts in Bad Nenndorf
04.09.Stilts in Hamburg, Central Library
10.09.Stilts in Marktredwitz
10.+11.09.Stilts in Diedersdorf/Berlin, medieval market
11.09.Stilts in Treysa
14.09.Stilts in Hanover
16.09.Stilts in Westerstede
25.09.Stilts in Celle
28.+29.09.Stilts in Groß Lafferde
02.10.Stilts in Wildeshausen
19.10.Stilts in Dornumersiel
21.10.Stilts in Bünde
29.-31.10.Stilts and LED show in Laboe
29.10.Stilts in Thale
30.10.Stilts in Westerstede
05.+06.11.Stilts in Bonn
11.11.Stilts in Oberhausen
24.11.Stilts in Oldenburg
25.11.Stilts and fire show in Bad Neustadt
26.11.Stilts in Coburg
01.12.Stilts in Reinheim
09.12.Stilts in Hanover
10.12.Stilts in pain
10.12.Stilts in Rheine
14.12.Fire show in Bad Salzdetfurth
16.12.Stilts and LED show in Espelkamp
17.12.Stilts in Lingen
18.12.Stilts in Eutin
22.05.Stilts in Hildesheim
29.05.Stilts in Hildesheim, “Culture Finds City”
03.06.Stilts in Hildesheim, “Culture Finds City”
18.+19.06.Stilts in Goslar, KulturKraftwerk
03.07.Stilts in Hildesheim
08.07.Stilts in Hildesheim, “Culture Finds City”
19.-21.07.Stilts and fire show in Hanover
31.07.Stilts in Hildesheim, “Culture Finds City”
01.08.Stilts in Laboe
05.-08.08.Stilts in Rostock, Hansesail
15.08.Stilts in Northeim
21.08.Stilts in Wienhausen
28.08.Stilts in Hildesheim, Wallungen
29.08.Stilts in Bad Nenndorf
05.09.Stilts in Frankfurt/Main
05.09.Stilts in Aurich
10.09.Fire show in Hildesheim
17.09.Stilts in Uelzen
01.10.Fire show in Garmissen
01.10.Stilts in Torgau
02.+03.10.Stilts in Berlin, juggler festival (Carnica)
03.10.Stilts in Laboe
08.10.Stilts in Bünde
10.10.Stilts in Werther
24.10.Stilts in the Laboe spa park
29.10.Stilts in Hildesheim, Light Night Shopping
31.10.Stilts in Thale, Hexoween
05.+06.11.Stilts at the lights in Bremen
15.12.Fire show in Bad Salzdetfurth
05.01.Stilts (chameleons) in El Ejido/Spain
18.01.Stilts (light beings) in Celle
29.01.Stilts (light beings) in Frankfurt/Main
Stilts in Meerane
29.05.Stilts in Hanover Stocken
16.07.Stilts (chameleons) in Hanover Zoo
24.-26.07.Fire in Bremen
28.07.Stilts in Hildesheim KiTa
03.08.Fire show in Cloppenburg
06.-08.08.Stilts in Frankfurt, summer shipyard
09.08.Stilts in Hildesheim/Sorsum
22.08.Stilts in Bad Sooden, private
06.09.Stilts in Aurich
12.09.Stilts in Hanover
17.-19.09.Fire in Bremen
25.09.Stilts in Bremen
10.10.Stilts in Hildesheim
10.10.Fire in Rethmar, private
30.10.Stilts in Hildesheim
31.10.Stilts in Esslingen
31.10.+01.11.Stilts in Thale