Stilt walkers from HOCHKANT

anything but ordinary

Stilt walkers from HOCHKANT

Walk into a world full of animal creatures, fantastic creatures and strange characters!

With over 60 fairytale costumes, the approx. 20 stilt artists HOCHKANT travels throughout Germany and the world, with more than 20 years of experience under their belt. The oversized characters are extravagant eye-catchers that can be seen from afar, run through the crowd as a walking act, interact with the audience and enchant them. This is “high art”, anything but ordinary.

The unique selling point is the new stilt costumes, whose light show can be precisely pre-programmed. Beautiful light animations run through huge bodies. An emotional highlight at every event, to amaze, dream and laugh!

Advantages of stilt walkers and walk acts for your event

A walk act is not only very beautiful and entertaining, it is also extremely flexible. It does not require a fixed stage or technology and can be used anywhere, at any type of event and in (almost) any location, outdoors and indoors, in the light and in the dark. It plays directly with the audience. It acts individually and improvises depending on the person and the situation. When it is enlarged by stilts, it is even more impressive and can be seen from far away even in the crowd.

A stilt artist is always an eye-catcher and a point of attraction. Stilt walkers are a rare attraction at any event. Many have never seen one before. Children in particular, but adults too, are amazed.




km per year




Years on the road

Why book a walking act with HOCHKANT?

HOCHKANT not only has over 20 years of experience, HOCHKANT also has a large selection of different costumes, all of which were individually created with a lot of love, passion and creativity. In recent years, HOCHKANT has specialized in programming light animations in the costumes. Small computers are hidden in the figures, some of which can even be reprogrammed individually for you. All figures are unique and works of art. HOCHKANT has various show acts in its repertoire for large spaces and in the dark. Here, too, light programming is an essential part of the story.

Refine your event with HOCHKANT, it will be GREAT!


  • Commercial (RTL, Sat1,…) for Adya
  • Urban Mela, Goethe Institute, Bangalore (India)
  • Three Kings, El Ejido, Madrid, Andorra
  • Kulm Hotel, Saint Moritz/Switzerland
  • Culinary Olympics, Erfurt
  • Sennheiser, Hanover
  • Hagenbeck Zoo, Hamburg
  • Schüco, Bielefeld
  • International fireworks competition, Hanover
  • IPL, Cape Town (South Africa)
  • TUI, Hanover
  • Garden Club, Winterthur (Switzerland)

About Us

The name HOCHKANT implies the passion for kidnapping people from their everyday lives, forgetting them and taking them into a world full of fantasy.

The artists want to inspire, seduce and also make you laugh.

The group enjoys traveling nationally and internationally with their fantasy characters and shows.

HOCHKANT is led by co-founder Nina Scholz. She is a stilt walker, percussionist/musician, fire and light artist, (costume) designer and also a drum and percussion teacher and graphic designer and actually has a degree in cultural studies.



Note for organizers: Don't let a busy appointment put you off contacting us. HOCHKANT has many stilt walkers and can perform with several teams at the same time.

We are not only around Hildesheim, Hanover, Braunschweig, (Wolfsburg, Celle, Göttingen,...) in the heart of Lower Saxony. We can be booked throughout Germany. And also abroad.


05.01.Stilts in Andorra
05.01.Stilts in Madrid
08.02.Stilts in Amsterdam
30.03.-01.04.Stilts Storkow, medieval market
26.04.Stilts in Hanover Stocken
26.04.Stilts in Bremen (private)
30.04.Stilts in Bad Lauterberg
30.04.Stilts in Thale
09.-12.05.Stilts in Altlandsberg, medieval market
18.05.Stilts in Hildesheim
18.05.Stilts in Oerlinghausen
18.-20.05.Stilts in Oranienburg, medieval market
25.05.Stilts in Seesen
31.05.Stilts in Hildesheim
01.06.Stilts in Verden
01.06.Fire in Duisburg
08.06.Stilts in Hildesheim
14.06.Stilts in Berlin
14.06.Stilts in Hildesheim
19.+20.06.Stilts in Halle/Westphalia (GOP/Tennis)
21.06.Stilts in Wolfenbüttel
21.06.Stilts in Isernhagen
28.06.Stilts in Jena (University)
29.06.Stilts in Heiden
29.06.Stilts in Hamelin
06.07.Stilts in Wittenberge
06.07.Stilts in Hamburg
06.07.Stilts in Hildesheim
17.07.Fire in Neuharlingersiel
19.07.Stilts in Dornum (Castle)
03.08.Stilts in Hildesheim
10.+11.08.Stilts in Thale
10.+11.08.Stilts in Bad Nenndorf
17.08.Stilts and fire in Hildesheim
17.08.Stilts in Duisburg
23.08.Stilts in Wunstorf
24.08.Stilts and fire in Wunstorf
24.08.Stilts in Verden
24.08.Stilts in Schneverdingen
24.08.Stilts in Bad Salzschlirf
31.08.+01.09.Stilts in Bad Fallingbostel
07.09.Stilts in Bad Oeynhausen
07.+08.09.Stilts in Diedersdorf, medieval market
25.+26.09.Stilts in Groß Lafferde
29.09.Stilts in Minden

The highlight of 2025

We will be there at the 2025 gymnastics fireworks. Get your tickets today at

The price varies depending on which figures you book. The newer and larger figures are a little more expensive because they require a lot more work, especially in programming the light animations. Figures with light are also more sensitive and are constantly checked for functionality. Unfortunately, they also need to be repaired more often because they are exposed to high levels of stress from the artists' movements. The length of the journey is also a decisive factor, as is whether an overnight stay is necessary.

But there is a discount for a second figure and for each additional figure there are further discounts. Even several days in a row have a positive effect on the price. 

If you Book stilt walkers at HOCHKANT, everything that is necessary for a successful performance is already included in the price. There are no hidden additional costs. The price is therefore all-inclusive. Included are:

  • Insurance
  • Steer
  • Traveling expenses
  • costumes
  • Artist fee
  • If necessary, develop a show tailored to your event
  • Preparation and follow-up time
  • Lighting and sound technology (if necessary)
  • Everything else about equipment

Normally, the artists are on stage for around 120 minutes over a period of 3 to 5 hours, spread over 2 or 3 sets. This depends on the costumes and the circumstances. “On stage” here means fully costumed backstage (changing room). This does not include preparation, which takes one to three hours depending on the costume, or “breaks” and dismantling. A “break”, during which an artist briefly steps down from the stilts, must be 20-30 minutes long, because some cable connections have to be disconnected, especially with the lighting costumes, before the costume can be carefully removed. 

HOCHKANT can also run parades that do not include any rests.

The size of the audience and whether it is always the same audience or a passing audience should also be decisive for the total operating time.

The first thing we look at here is whether your event will take place in the light or in the dark, or in both scenarios. In the light, the colored figures are more suitable. In the dark, the light figures are more impressive. It is also interesting to consider whether there will be children there. We also take the theme of your event into account and think individually about what fits in with it. Here, we think it makes sense to think creatively. Do flowers on stilts have to be part of a garden show, or aren't there enough of them there anyway, and isn't it more interesting to have reptiles appear? 

Furthermore, some of the characters fit together better than others and can interact with each other. For example, it is possible to use aesthetic characters such as the insect with the funny speaking character “cleaning lady”. 

Of course, space is also important. Many of the stilt figures can perform indoors, can go through normal doors and can even ride in elevators. We consider individually what suits your event best.

Basically anywhere they can walk. This includes grass, cobblestones, gravel, uphill and downhill. We also perform in halls, foyers and rooms. That means we perform at all kinds of celebrations, festivals, celebrations, markets such as medieval markets and Christmas markets, parties, concerts and also at birthdays. and weddings.

Whether Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Munich or Cologne, we work for our customers throughout Germany and internationally.

Tell us when and where your event is taking place and see which and how many stilt figures you prefer, preferably by email, but you can also do it by phone. HOCHKANT will then get in touch with an offer or different offers and, if you like, with ideas. As soon as it is clear which figures the Stilt walkers when exactly to book If you would like to perform, the group will look at who will take on the performance. You will then receive a contract by email as well as further information about what HOCHKANT needs on site (backstage, promotion opportunities, etc.). 

A few days before the event, send us the final necessary information: exact address, parking, telephone number of the contact person on site, etc. 

After the event, HOCHKANT will send you an invoice by email (if necessary, this can also be done beforehand). You then transfer the money. And ideally, we will repeat this a few more times ;-).

To begin with, we need the location, the time frame and the number of stilt walkers you want. A selection of costumes, the approximate size of the audience and also the type of audience (children, adults, special audience, etc.) are very helpful. Please also tell us the type of event (celebration, party, reception, gala, festival, etc., public or private). Especially with large costumes, you can tell us about the backstage options (place to change). If you are unsure whether the floor is suitable for a stilt walker performance, please feel free to ask us!

If you book stilt walkers with HOCHKANT, you have a repertoire of over 60 figures at your disposal that will delight your audience: colorful animal creatures of all kinds, imaginative water figures, a pirate, fairies, clowns, a funny cleaning lady, a nurse, four waiters, colorfully glowing figures such as the inventor and his wife, fantastically light-animated chameleons as well as a giant glowing dragon and other light-animated light creatures and light women (Lumières), etc. Just take a look at our stilt figures!

Almost all Stilt artists from HOCHKANT have completed training in theater, acting, performance and/or dance. They receive special training in stilt walking and improvisational theater directly from HOCHKANT before they are deployed.

No, there is no minimum booking period. If you only want to use us for a few minutes, you are welcome to do so.