Stilt dance art

anything but ordinary

High Light
Stilt walkers and fire show

Walk into a world full of animal creatures, fantastic creatures and strange characters!

Beautiful light animations run through huge bodies, which meander through the crowd as a walking act.

With over 60 figures, the HOCHKANT stilt walkers travel the world. 

The unique selling point is the stilt costumes, whose light play can be precisely pre-programmed.




km per year




Years on the road


  • Commercial (RTL, Sat1,…) for Adya
  • Urban Mela, Goethe Institute, Bangalore (India)
  • Three Kings, El Ejido, Madrid, Andorra
  • Kulm Hotel, Saint Moritz/Switzerland
  • Culinary Olympics, Erfurt
  • Sennheiser, Hanover
  • Hagenbeck Zoo, Hamburg
  • Schüco, Bielefeld
  • International fireworks competition, Hanover
  • IPL, Cape Town (South Africa)
  • TUI, Hanover
  • Garden Club, Winterthur (Switzerland)

About Us

The name HOCHKANT implies the passion for kidnapping people from their everyday lives, forgetting them and taking them into a world full of fantasy.

The artists want to inspire, seduce and also make you laugh.

The group enjoys traveling nationally and internationally with their fantasy characters and shows.

HOCHKANT is led by co-founder Nina Scholz. She is a stilt walker, percussionist/musician, fire and light artist, (costume) designer and also a drum and percussion teacher and graphic designer and actually has a degree in cultural studies.


Note for organizers: Don't let a busy appointment put you off contacting us. HOCHKANT has many stilt walkers and can perform with several teams at the same time.

We are not only around Hildesheim, Hanover, Braunschweig, (Wolfsburg, Celle, Göttingen,...) in the heart of Lower Saxony. We can be booked throughout Germany. And also abroad.


05.01.Stilts in Andorra
05.01.Stilts in Madrid
08.02.Stilts in Amsterdam
30.03.-01.04.Stilts Storkow, medieval market
26.04.Stilts in Hanover Stocken
26.04.Stilts in Bremen (private)
30.04.Stilts in Bad Lauterberg
30.04.Stilts in Thale
09.-12.05.Stilts in Altlandsberg, medieval market
18.-20.05.Stilts in Oranienburg, medieval market
25.05.Stilts in Seesen
31.05.Stilts in Hildesheim
01.06.Stilts in Verden
01.06.Fire in Duisburg
21.06.Stilts in Wolfenbüttel
28.06.Stilts in Jena (University)
29.06.Stilts in Heiden
17.07.Fire in Neuharlingersiel
03.08.Stilts in Hildesheim Himmelsthür
17.08.Stilts and fire in Hildesheim
17.08.Stilts in Duisburg
23.08.Stilts in Wunstorf
24.08.Stilts and fire in Wunstorf
24.08.Stilts in Schneverdingen
31.08.+01.09.Stilts in Bad Fallingbostel
07.+08.09.Stilts in Diedersdorf, medieval market