About Us

The name HOCHKANT implies the passion for kidnapping people from their everyday lives, forgetting them and taking them into a world full of fantasy.

The artists want to inspire, seduce and also make you laugh.

The group enjoys traveling nationally and internationally with their fantasy characters and shows.

The members

Three fire artists and over fifteen stilt walkers make up the team:

Michaela Allendorf, Kerstin Brust, Clara Freitag, Luca Hobusch, Sara Jaun, Johanna Kirstein, Max Krause, Wiebke Lahmann, Tom Martens, Clara Molis, Luise Molis, Mareike Reisig, Nina Scholz, Sophie Steigmeier, Doorke Thümmel and Fynn Wiedemann and as support Beatrice Cordier, Luciana Fazan, Luca Estelle Horvath, Ricarda Köstner, Jenni Sievers, Jutta Sörenhagen and Josefine Wolpers.

The fire shows are currently:
Nina Scholz, Wiebke Lahmann and Sophie Steigmeier

We're always looking new people and offer Internships at.

HOCHKANT is led by co-founder Nina Scholz. She is a stilt walker, percussionist/musician, fire and light artist, (costume) designer and also a drum and percussion teacher and graphic designer and actually has a degree in cultural studies.

As a child she mainly took piano, flute and ballet lessons and was a member of several choirs. In her youth she was a member of the Dancing Theater Wolfsburg. She started African drumming at the age of 17 and completed percussion training with Puma Hoberg (djembé and bass drums) and Anne Breick (including congas/Cuba, Cajon, Brasil and pop). For 14 years she was a member of the modern dance company “Ars Saltandi”. Hildesheim.

In 2004 she founded HOCHKANT. Here she can combine her passions and continue to express herself creatively. She gives HOCHKANT her style with her costume creations, show concepts and choreographies.