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Hochkant is growing and, with over 60 costumes, some of which are programmed with light, is one of the most renowned German stilt groups (also abroad), which is why we are always looking for people who...

  • Have an interest in stilt walking and ideally experience in dance, acting and/or performance or are open and relaxed about it.
  • have an open charisma and enjoy playing and being in contact with people.
  • are willing to perform at national (all over Germany) and sometimes international events (flying and sleeping in a double room should be okay).
  • have time for at least 15 performances a year (usually April-December). Rather more.
  • are over 18 years old and will live in the Hildesheim area for at least the next 2 years.
  • Take about 2 hours or rarely longer about once a week for costume construction/repairs/training/rehearsals/research/advertising etc., if possible have partial experience in this and, above all, be motivated to do so. Because uprights are not encouraged. We do everything ourselves.

Just get in touch and try out stilt walking.
Stilts are present.

You get…

  • a remuneration
  • Stilts provided free of charge (for maintenance).
  • a free introduction to stilt walking, sewing, soldering etc., training, insights into various techniques.
  • would like to be involved in creative processes such as costume and show development.
  • For (foreign) trips, additional flights and all transfers, food, accommodation, nice encounters with international artists, participation in beautiful and interesting festivals, usually more sun, a look at other countries and fun in a group...

It would be wonderful if you even...

  • You can and would drive a car, even better if you are over 25 years old for our bus and, best of all, you have your own car.
  • you could contribute your own great knowledge and skills.
  • Be as flexible as possible with your time, especially Fri-Sun.

... but it's not a must 🙂

We are also looking for 1-2 people who will take on a certain number of appearances and hours for a fixed monthly fee (approx. May-December).


Are you interested in theater and performance? Would you like to know what the tasks of a freelance performance group are? Do you enjoy organizational and manual work and enjoy traveling? Would you like to see what it means to be self-employed in the artistic field?

We are always looking for interns in the areas of organization/advertising and costume production in Hildesheim.
Working hours can usually be arranged flexibly and should also be on weekends. The length of the internship is also variable.

Hochkant is a “performance group” of around 15 artists who, as a GbR, organize and produce almost everything from their own ranks. This way you can get a taste of all areas of being self-employed. Hochkant finances itself exclusively from its performances and is not funded. The performances are all over Germany and occasionally also abroad.

  • A very wide range of possible areas of responsibility await you, which you can learn here: - Creating, repairing and maintaining costumes and props (handling textiles, foam, aluminum, electrics, programming, colors,...)
  • Researching performance opportunities and applications
  • Creation of advertising material such as flyers, business cards, films, website maintenance, online advertising
  • Organization of appearances, office, advertising
  • Accompaniment of performances
  • Accompaniment of various training courses (stilts, fire, theater etc.)

What you should bring:

  • Above all, a lot of motivation and curiosity
  • Reliability and personal responsibility and initiative
  • It would be great to have previous knowledge in one or other of the above-mentioned areas, and preferably manual skills

If you are interested in an internship with us, please contact us informally and without obligation!